Justin Bieber       Justin Bieber, 20, surrendered to Toronto, Ontario, Canada police (above) during the evening of January 29, 2014 on assault charges about 3 A.M. December 30, 2013 regarding his limo driver being punched in the head after a Toronto Maple Leafs hockey game the previous evening.

       Pursuant a prior agreement,  after being charged, fingerprinted and photographed, he was  released without a bail hearing on a promise to appear in provincial court at Old City Hall in downtown Toronto on March 10, 2014 – unusual for a foreign resident. .

Bieber in FL Dade Cty court bail set $2500.00

      Although bail was set for Justin Bieber at only $2,500.00 on January 14, 2014 in Dade County Court, Florida (left) and he pleaded not guilty on January 29, 2014 for the three charges – drag racing, resisting 支架水池 arrest, DUI (drugs/alcohol), and  driving without a valid drivers license – the three first degree misdemeanors could end up with jail time and be  reviewed for revokation of his O-1 visa and  deportation by ICE/DHS as involving two or more “moral turpitude” offences (shocking the conscience of a state, local or federal prosecutor). 

       In Canada there are not any bail bondsmen and he normally would be sitting in jail until someone posting bail agreed to be responsible and let him reside with them in their home pending trial.  And not his divorced father who was with him in Florida nor his single mother who lives in Canada.

       The $20,000.00 egg throwing vandalism felony incident against a neighbor’s home and finding of drugs in his California home is opening files in multiple government agencies and states and could make it likely.

        A peition is circulating on the White House web site with over 139,000 signatures to have Bieber deported and returned to Canada making it now government business for an official White House response.   

Bieber arrested, cuffed

Beiber in Miami Beach jail cell

 An American with a DUI conviction could not enter Canada without special permission and a Canadian with a DUI conviction would be denied entry to the U.S.  

       He has not matched his initial musical 2009 – 2011 musical and film hits in recent years.  Instead he behaves bizarrely around the world and spent $75,000.00 in bars and strip clubs in Miami/Miami Beach, Florida celebrating Lil Scrappy’s birthday and leaving with model Chantel Jeffries in a rented yellow Lamborghini  (below left).

Biber and girl lvg Miami niteclub before arrest

He  is immediately facing only an automatic lose of his license  (if Florida) for a year, $1,000.00 fine, and 50 hours of community service.  

California charges are pending.



Beiber in jailyard

Bieber lvg Miami Bch jail

Bieber in Miami jailyard (right); leaving jail (left).



     When he left for Panama from the Opa-Locka, FL Executive Airport the three local cops who had escorted him from there around the Miami nite clubs after his arrival weren’t seen as his spotlite caused their suspension (with pay).   

      His mother flew to Panama to pursuade her son to return to Canada and surrender to Toronto police on the assault charge (below).


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